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Bollywood movies industry can be considered as one of the leading movie industry beside Hollywood. There are a lot of interesting and awesome movies that has quality comparable to Hollywood movies. In this article, we and will give some suggestions about Bollywood movies that you should watch.

Some of the review for recommended Bollywood movies that are suitable for your weekend can be read on the list below.

Dhoom series

• Dhoom series: for those who love action movies like Fast and Furious, Dhoom is definitely a good pick to start your journey in Bollywood movies. The stories are not exceptionally deep, but you can experience some laughs and trills within the movies

• Kal No Naa Ho: this romantic comedy movie explores about the effect of grief to human and how it emotionally close off people. This movie is tinged with some touches of sadness and it may help you understand more about death, skepticism, and love.

• Lagaan (Once Upon A Time In India): this movie tells about a questionable group that unites to fight colonialism in India during 1900s in a form of cricket groups. This movie has a great and beautiful musical numbers, which is the highlight of the movie.


• NH10: for those who love a story about a heroine seeking for revenge, NH10 is a must-watch movie for you. Anushka Sharma, the lead actress, fights against roadside crime and honor killings. The main character uses a yellow jacket, which may actually be a reference to popular American movie, Kill Bill which is top recommendation.

• Kuch Kuch Hota Hai: this movie is the classic Bollywood movie that tells about the tension between romance and friendship. However, the classic story is delivered in the most amusing way. This is a must-watch for Bollywood enthusiast.

• 3 Idiots: this movie uses a right amount of drama and comedy to deliver a story about the extreme family pressure to have a successful professional careers, experienced by Indian men. It is a modern classic story of a school experience in India, which can bring a new light in understanding Indian society.

• Queen: this movie is considered as one among the best movies that is ever produced in India. The story is about a young woman that try to rediscover herself after experiencing a fall in her engagement. She travel to her planned honeymoon in Amsterdam and Paris by herself. Rani, the main character, is a sweet, quirky, and disarming character that will make you fall in love with the story.

• The Lunchbox: this movie focuses on a lonely widower that try to find himself by stepping out of his comfort zones. Later, he becomes close with a distant, beautiful younger women.

The paragraph above already gave a brief review about several Bollywood movies that you can watch during your free times. These movies boast a great quality and wonderful cinematography. It is safe to say that these movies are in par with any Hollywood movies with similar story line. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your popcorn, and watch these movies with your friends!

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